Validin CIDR Calculators

Individual IP/CIDR Calculators

Range to CIDRs

Given first and last IP, convert to CIDRs


IP/CIDR fencepost IPs

Find IPs and CIDRs at the beginning/end ranges of given

CIDR Siblings

Find previous and next CIDRs that are the same size as the given CIDR

Set Calculators


Find the minimal CIDR representation for a set of IPs and CIDRs


Return the inverse of the given set of CIDRs


Break a CIDR or CIDRs into CIDRs no larger than N prefix bits

Relative Complement

Subtract the CIDRs in B from the CIDRs in A. If part of a CIDR in A overlaps with B, return the nonoverlapping part.


Find the CIDRs in A that include any CIDRs from B.